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Charity Movie Screening

Monday 2nd October was Cuesko’s inaugural charity movie screening.
The chosen movie was The Sound of Freedom which is based on true events depicting the work done by Tim Ballard, and the Operation Underground Railroad organisation which he founded, rescuing kidnapped children from child slavery.
The movie is a confronting, emotional, and sobering watch which affected all who watched it. Nonetheless it is an excellent movie which shines a light on a worldwide issue of human trafficking and slavery. It surprises most people to learn how widespread this issue is. It is a movie which is well worth seeing and the feedback from our guests was amazing.
However, shining a light on child trafficking and slavery was not the only purpose of our Charity Movie Screening. As the name might suggest, we were also using the screening as an opportunity to raise funds for our chosen charity – the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation (CAPF).
While Cuesko covered all the costs associated with the venue, movie screening and a drink (or two), our guests were asked to make a donation to CAPF.
Cuesko sincerely thanks the clients, consultants, colleagues and friends of Cuesko who gave generously to the Foundation and even a number of invitees who, although they could not attend the screening, made donations to CAPF.
The team at CAPF do an amazing job to protect our children and we also want to sincerely thank them for what they do and honour their selfless work.
Nahed Alhaj represented CAPF at the screening and sent Cuesko the email below which we want to share with our guests;

Hi Greg,

It was a pleasure to meet you too.

We truly can’t thank you enough for your and your guests’ generosity.

I would like also to thank you for choosing this movie, it had such a deep and meaningful message.

We need more people like you and your team.

“Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.”
― Julia Carney

Big Thanks to all of Cueskoers 😊.

Best Regards

Nahed Alhaj

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