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Football Fix-Season 2

Football Fix – Season 2

The Cuesko Rouges returned in 2023 for a second season at the Albany football hub. Having previously won Division 2 the team opted to step-up and compete in the Division 1 mixed grade competition. After a long season the Rouges made the Plate Final where in a classic game of two halves they mounted a monumental comeback to defeat the Weed Wackers.

Congratulations to Cuesko Rouge members Blake Forrester, Louise Norton, Jayde Lisk, Woo Wynn, Mark Holroyd, Eric Song, Vera Lin, and team manager Phillip McNamara.

A further massive thank you and congratulations also goes to the following friends of Cuesko: Emma and Adam Webster, Andrew Cromb, and Tyler McCaffery – who are owed much of the team’s success.