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Building Life Cycle Cost Analysis – Measuring Sustainability

Building life cycle analysis, specifically building life cycle cost analysis is a growing requirement. As technology delivers improvements, clients need to understand the long term sustainability of their construction projects. As expert quantity surveyors, we’re the very people to provide long term sustainability data from which to plan.

Building life cycle cost analysis – understanding overall cost Building life cost analysis deals with understanding the overall cost of design and regulatory compliance and provides opportunities to value engineer through more informed decision making. Measuring the ‘cause and effect’ of design and compliance costs and forecasting those effects, gives clients a clearer understanding of the overall cost of a building over its life cycle.

We provide clients with detailed building life cycle cost analysis, to ensure the project sustainably returns value for money with no hidden surprises. Our analysis allows you to consider initial costs against future costs to ensure the best value from your project over time.

Building life cycle analysis – understanding the full life cycle

Building life cycle analysis incorporates four aspects of sustainability; environmental, economic, social and cultural – a more complex analysis but one which is increasingly in demand. As regulators increasingly look to minimise future costs across all spectrums; robust building life cycle analysis can help get projects more support than they may otherwise garner.

Only through effective measurement can you be sure of the future cost implications of your build.

That’s where we can offer genuine and up front value; working with Cuesko is an investment in the cost savings of the future. We tailor our services to each client and project ensuring robust and independent assessment every step of the way.

Building life cycle cost analysis services

  • Cost Estimation at all stages of a project (Concept through to Pre tender).
  • Procurement and Contract Advice.
  • Value Engineering.
  • Lifecycle, Capex and Opex calculations.
  • Stakeholder Cost Allocations.
  • Cost to Complete / Outturn Cost Forecasts.
  • Project Cash Flows.
  • Cost Audits.
  • Sustainability Cost Advice.
  • Depreciation Schedules.
    Asset Allocations.


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