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Auckland Airport Flood Damage Remediation

Auckland International Airport



Auckland International Airport Limited

Ongoing expected completion June 2024


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Project Overview:

The Airport Flood Damage Remediation project focuses on the comprehensive restoration and reconstruction of facilities affected by severe flooding at Auckland International Airport Limited. As a result of the flood event, critical infrastructure, including runways, terminals, and support structures, suffered extensive damage, necessitating a strategic and efficient remediation effort.

Project Objectives:

Assess and quantify the extent of damage to airport infrastructure. Develop a detailed remediation plan to restore functionality and safety. Collaborate with insurers to facilitate smooth claims processing. Implement construction measures in compliance with industry standards and regulations. Minimize downtime and ensure the airport returns to full operational capacity promptly.

Project Role:

Conducting a thorough damage assessment to quantify the extent of losses. Preparing detailed cost estimates for remediation and reconstruction efforts. Collaborating with insurance assessors to validate claims and streamline the reimbursement process. Monitoring project costs and ensuring adherence to budgetary constraints. Offering expert advice on cost-effective construction methodologies without compromising quality.