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EQ Programme VERO/AAI

MWH Recovery


MWH Recovery
The client was satisfied that Cuesko had help provide multiple levels of staff for the programme, and assist in the successful transition from EQ programme to a business as usual insurance claim approach.

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The MWH Programme ran for circa 5 years from September 2010.

MWH, at this point the client chose to take a Business as usual approach to the settlement of the claims.

Cuesko provided QS staff to the commercial and residential repair and rebuild programme for Vero/AAI’s Christchurch EQ repairs, to assist with the Circa 20,000 claims Vero had for the multiple events in 2010/2011 in the Canterbury Region.

Cuesko Staff were engaged on a full-time basis within the programme team. Cuesko provided the following roles over the programme with the following staff.

Kean Mitchell – Contracts and Procurement Lead (2 years)
Kean Mitchell – Commercial claims QS Lead (1.5 years)

Marc Lyle, Deon Coetzee Senior QS roles
Eoin McLoghlin, John Paul Macdonald and Mathi Peet QS roles.

Once the estimates were complete (bulk of the work) then the QS would work with the Loss Adjustor to agree a claim and settle this with the claimant.

Where projects were repaired through the EQ works programme, Cuesko were involved in contract negotiation and procurement, validation of payments for the respective scopes of repair or rebuild, and the settlement of the final accounts.