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NW16 Projects

Auckland International Airport Limited


Auckland International Airport Limited
Completion Early 2017

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This project comprised several critical upgrades of the following areas of Auckland Airport to meet the NW16 passenger flow demands:

1. DTB – HBS System
2. ITB – Arrivals Toilets
3. ITB – MPI Green Lane
4. ITB – Zones B to D Check-In Compression
5. ITB – Qantas Premium Check-In

These projects were completed in stages to suit the operational environment of the airport with significant passenger interface.

There were also several stakeholders involved in each of the projects listed.

Cuesko’s role on the project was to provide cost estimates for each of the projects during design phases, to negotiate the price with the preferred contractor and to provide construction phase administration including payment recommendations and financial reports.

The challenges on the project include:
• Operational environment
• Multiple stakeholders
• Fast-track
• Risks associated with unknown items discovered during construction works
• Multiple site locations in both DTB and ITB