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Redhill Water Reservoir Stage 2



Te Tai Tokerau Water Trust & MBIE




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The Te Tai Tokerau Water Trust (Trust) was established for the purpose of progressing the Northland Water Storage & Use Project (NWSUP) from feasibility into implementation.

The NWSUP will supply irrigation water for high-value horticulture, cropping and enhanced urban water supply.

Part of the NWSUP was the Redhill Water Storage Reservoir (WSR), a 2-stage project in the Kaipara District, Northland.

Stage 1 was a 150,000m3 storage behind a 3.5m high embankment, which was subsequent enlarged to 3,200,000m3 as part of Stage 2.

Cuesko were asked to prepare a report to:

1.Review the procurement process, tender evaluation and contract award for Stage 1 of the Redhill WSR project.

2.Advise on the appropriateness of ‘single-source negotiated tender’ for Stage 2, without adopting a competitive procurement process, and

3.Make recommendations for negotiating Stage 2’s contract price, based on Stage 1.