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Remote Stands Stage 2

Auckland International Airport (AIAL)



Auckland International Airport (AIAL)


Under Construction to August 2025


Available on request


AIAL is progressing with significant developments of its airside infrastructure to meet forecasted growth; and as part of these works the construction of new remote Code F stands are required to provide aircraft parking capacity to support the commencement of the Domestic Processor construction.

The project includes:

  • Taxiway Lima extension with Code F wingtip clearance
  • Taxiway Mike with Code F wingtip clearance (Up to basecource)
  • Five serviced Code F/C MARS stands north of Pier B and 1 unserviced Code E/C MARS stand north of the Pier B North Apron taxilane in their final configuration
  • Airfield Ground Lighting and MAG signage.
  • Apron and Taxiway markings
  • New Western Treatment Coupled Pond Biofilter
  • Stormwater infrastructure
  • Water supply, power supply and communications connections
  • Power Centre 63
  • Fuel lines 

Cuesko are engaged by Auckland Airport to provide quantity surveying and construction cost consultancy services for the project which includes, but is no limited to:

  • Developed Design and Detail Design estimating.
  • Production of works tender schedule of quantities
  • Tender analysis, recommendations
  • Post contract administration
  • Financial Reporitng, incl. cashflow forecasting, etc.